some thoughts on mindfulness, art, & growth.

  • for community building

    for community building

    an update on my studio practice, talking about community building.

  • for childhood nostalgia

    for childhood nostalgia

    I was searching through old drawings from my childhood when I realized how much creating things is an integral part of who I am.

  • 2020-21 bullet journal

    2020-21 bullet journal

    A tour of my fourth bullet journal month, weekly and quarterly spreads.

  • for being busy and slowing down

    for being busy and slowing down

    This week has been hectic leading up to my first art walk in two years!

  • for painting and growing

    for painting and growing

    I have been really embracing my creative spark lately so I thought I would talk a bit about my own artistic journey today and how that has been developing for me over the past couple months.

  • for seeking peace within

    for seeking peace within

    In the midst of a lot of uncertainty as the world attempts to get back to normal, I am looking inwards as a way to feel safe within my outer environments.

  • for trusting the spark

    for trusting the spark

    As summer comes around and our lives warm up with the sun, I see a bright light that has lit inside those around me.

  • for living in the questions

    for living in the questions

    Over the past few months, I’ve been faced with lots of big life changing decisions and opportunities. I think lots of people might be going through this as the world begins to open up and we continue to get back to our lives as “normal” again.

  • for mindset and courage

    for mindset and courage

    Hello friends! Today’s journal is a bit about where my mindset has been lately to let me enjoy the small moments at the beginning of summer.

  • for forgiveness and living

    for forgiveness and living

    Hello! It’s been a while and a lot has happened in that time. Life has taken us on some crazy rollercoasters over the past couple months but I am finally feeling like it’s time to return to writing and sharing some of my thoughts with you.

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