some thoughts on mindfulness, art, & growth.

  • finding balance

    finding balance

    Sharing my thoughts on balance and continued self care during this new school year.

  • lino printing from home | how to

    lino printing from home | how to

    Sharing my process from my newest lino cut print. Cut and printed entirely from my kitchen table.

  • to grow a garden

    to grow a garden

    For the earth, for the heart, for health. Here are some thoughts on gardening and healing our relationship with the earth.

  • a day in jasper | video

    a day in jasper | video

    I put together a video of a short hiking trip to Jasper that we took at the beginning of the month. A little love letter to nature and my love.

  • lets talk about sustainability

    lets talk about sustainability

    Here I am sharing some thoughts on sustainable living within our consumer society, what it means, and playing your part.

  • what i’m reading | july 2020

    what i’m reading | july 2020

    Hi friends and happy August! Today I came by to share what I’ve been reading over the month of July.

  • a self care morning

    a self care morning

    Here I share my summer morning routine for slowing down and staying present.

  • showing up first

    showing up first

    The first step to creating your dream life is showing up to your good habits. This is what builds your day to day life into the life you are working towards.

  • creating space for peace

    creating space for peace

    Today I’m sharing tips for making a place for relaxation and self care, in any space, big or small. Going through the five senses, here is a list of little things to make you space feel more like home.

  • playlist for creativity

    playlist for creativity

    I’m just popping on today to share a playlist that I’ve been loving while I do creative work like painting and drawing. There’s lots of jams on here to keep you energized and thoughtful while spending your afternoons doing work.

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