seasonal (2020)

A video piece exploring the changes in emotion caused by seasonal weather change. About how we are always connected to the natural world outside, whether we choose to be or not.

music : “please be naked” by the 1975

digital hike (2020)

Take a walk through the layers of digital nature. What does it mean to digitize the natural world and how does our relationship with nature change in this process? This animation asks these question as the viewer walks through layers of digital images of plants. Starting from the highest resolution to a lowest resolution images, information is stripped away as we get further into the digital space, and the digital distorts our perception of what is real.

featured on AGA sidewalk cinema in July 2021

seed cycle (2020)

This looping animation explores human relationship to nature through the life cycle of a tree. Although we don’t always see it since their movement is much more subtle than ours, trees have entire lives of their own, their own ways of communicating and sharing community. The tree is personified as a way of showing its life cycle as similar to that of a person, as it goes through the changes of seasons, death and regrowth.