2020-21 bullet journal

August 11th, 2021

As we get close to the beginning of another school year, I am starting my fifth bullet journal. I thought it was about time to give you a tour of some of my favourite pages from my 2020-2021 bullet journal before I move on to my new book. I am just finishing up my fourth consecutive year of bullet journaling and I have figured out a lot of what works and what doesn’t over these years. The system I have landed on now was four years in the making but it is the most efficient that I have been with my journal so far.

If you would be interested in more of an in depth look each page and system that I’ve developed, let me know and I can go make more of a tutorial type post. But for now here are my monthly pages for this year as well as a couple of my favourite pages from weekly spreads and such.

Take care till next time,