some thoughts on mindfulness, art, & growth.

  • considering self acceptance

    considering self acceptance

    Learning to love your limitations as much as your strengths.

  • what i’m reading | june 2020

    what i’m reading | june 2020

    Here’s what I’ve been reading over the past month while on a path of self discovery and growth. A round up of books for spiritual and creative growth.

  • my 10 favourite essential oils and their uses

    my 10 favourite essential oils and their uses

    Since discovering essential oils a couple years ago, they have gradually come to be a part of my entire home routine, from cleaning to self care. It seems like a huge world to start with, so here are my favourite essential oils and how I use them within my everyday routine.

  • playlist: may 2020

    playlist: may 2020

    Here I’ve shared my monthly playlist from May that will hopefully introduce you to some new jams for this season of growth.

  • on setting intentions

    on setting intentions

    Intentions, goals, habits, or whatever you like to call them, goal setting is a powerful habit that can help you find a direction for your everyday life.

  • Product-free self care rituals

    Product-free self care rituals

    What’s most important about this form of self care is that it doesn’t mean buying expensive bath bombs or face masks, all you need is to give yourself the attention that you really deserve.

  • what I’ve been reading | may 2020

    what I’ve been reading | may 2020

    Although I’ve never been a person that reads very consistently, the slowing down due to quarantine has allowed me the space I needed to really sit down with the books that have been occupying my shelf space for the last few months.

  • thoughts from quarantine

    thoughts from quarantine

    From one of the strangest and most unexpected times of our lives, we are seeing both miracles and tragedies daily. The past few months have been extremely challenging for most of us as we face new and drastic changes to the way we live our day to day lives.

  • gratitude journaling and prompts

    gratitude journaling and prompts

    Journaling is something that you might have heard about over and over again as an important self-care ritual. Whether it is for creativity, organization or gratitude, the benefits and possibilities are endless and completely customizable.

  • welcome to my blog

    welcome to my blog

    Hi friends! Welcome to my small corner of the internet! I’m writing today to give you a sort of overview of what I plan to focus on through this blog and what my intentions are.

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