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notes from the studio

a photo of objects on a desk against a white wall, a corner of an ipad with the picture of a pea plant on it, a jar full of paint brushes next to it, a mask and a piece of paper with color swatches hang on the wall.January 17, 2022

Hello dearest blog, it’s been a minute. I am now in to my final semester of my undergraduate degree in fine arts and it has gotten very busy. While I know a lot of my present uncomfyness comes from the long dark nights, freezing rain and blizzards, I am feeling more fulfilled than ever in my artistic practice. Despite starting off this school year feeling a little lost with which direction I was going to take my work, the first semester and many conversations with my profs and colleagues has given me a good path forward as I move from the end of my school career and into my real life as a practicing artist.

I think this blog entry is nothing more than a life update to say hey and check in but I have been thinking about using this platform more often as a sort of art journal to document my practice and it’s evolution. While a lot of people use their social media for that, and I suppose I do to a certain extent, a longer format seems to suite me a bit better.

I have been thinking a lot about community building, especially what that means and looks like in our weird socially distanced world. As an artist and generally an introvert, I tend to overlook the importance of community, somehow thinking that I should have an endless amount of ideas just between myself and my sketchbook. It’s not until last fall when I could actually share studio space with others again that I really felt the impact of community and how important it is to nourish that. This is an idea I’ve been trying to incorporate into my practice lately as well, involving my surrounding community members as often as possible and thinking about my work as an opportunity for conversation and collective future building. The seed bracelet project was really all about this, finding ways to involve my community in my work by giving them a part of it. Until April 2022, there is still opportunity for anyone to get involved by filling out the form on this page. I’m hoping with this work to start a dialogue with those that share my passion for world building and hopefully it will help me expand my own community bit by bit as we plant our seeds together. I would love for you to join if you would like.

Take care till next time,