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Image from a hike with my familyImage description: sunlight shining through treesImage from a hike with my family

Image description: sunlight shining through trees

June 25, 2021

This train of thought comes from a series of conversation that I’ve been having lately with various people in my life. As summer comes around and our lives warm up with the sun, I see a bright light that has lit inside those around me. Just as winter is a time to rest and recharge, summer brings with it an energy of growth and creativity. As the days get longer and new opportunities arise with the sun, it seems so easy to start anew and the creative ideas just begin to flow. From this point in time, it’s also easy to look back and beat yourself up for maybe not getting as much done in the colder months before. I think what I’m getting at here though is to hold grace for yourself, to be forgiving and to know that you are doing everything you can in each moment. And trust that the intuitions that you are having at this moment are the right ones. Whether you are still in the resting phase or you are coming into your productive time in the cycle, know that you won’t be where you are right now forever.

For me, the summer brings a fierce spark of creativity and movement. I start to get really upset if I spend even one day inside and so I make a point to move my body and to stay productive almost all day. While this would have been unbearably tiring during the winter months, I embrace the energy that the sun brings me and trust in the spark of energy. With this, I find I start to get overwhelmed with things to do and I start to lose track of what my priorities are as I spend hours picking small weeds out of the garden beds. In order to avoid running around doing every little small task that comes to mind, I find I have to set really clear goals with what I want to do each day. I start by making a big list of things I want to do when I am feeling most creative and then divide it up by each day. This helps me to get a couple things done everyday in order to actually accomplish the big goals that I am really excited for. Then, even if your creative cycle comes to an end, you at least have a list of projects and things you want to work on when you feel the energy return again. And welcome these cycles graciously. There is no use in beating yourself up for feeling burnt out, all you can do is rest and show up again tomorrow.

So during these longer days, embrace the energy and the creativity that the warmth brings and follow whatever creative spark that you are blessed with. Hold grace and live fully.

Take care till next time,