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some thoughts on finding your inner knowing within uncertainty

from a picnic with my partner last summerimage description: male presenting person looking at his lap while sitting on a colourful blanket beneath the shade of a tree.from a picnic with my partner last summer

image description: male presenting person looking at his lap while sitting on a colourful blanket beneath the shade of a tree.

July 7th, 2021

In the midst of a lot of uncertainty as the world attempts to get back to normal, I am looking inwards as a way to feel safe within my outer environments. After so many months of functioning on half capacity while the world was cut off and shut down, I have gotten used to the routines that take place within my everyday life around my family. However, as changes emerge with the reopening of the world post-pandemic, I am finding many uncomfortable areas of my life where I feel as if I forgot how to exist in these places.

Something I have been learning about through the book I am currently reading, The Energy Codes by Sue Morter, is how to focus your energy inwards as a method of grounding yourself. While your environment may be changing everyday, the inner light that exists within you will forever remain constant. While the vibration of this inner energy may have changed or grown throughout your years, it has always been that same constant energy within you, your soul, that has been here to witness every present moment of your life. While changing circumstances and environments may shake your mind and make your body feel uneasy, the inner light forever stays present and calm as a simple observer. By remembering that you are not your mind or your body but that inner light, the observer, you can center yourself within the peace of your inner knowing, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

I have recently rediscovered my meditation practice and the wonders it does to calm my mind and focus my energy and this is the focus that I have been carrying throughout my meditations that has made them so effective for me lately. By focusing on my inner knowing, I remember the power that I have within my every moment and I feel like I then have more power to make decisions that serve my inner purpose, rather than being swept away with the current of everyday life. In this way, I’ve also found it easier to protect my peace, as I choose paths that serve my highest purpose by looking inwards to my core rather than towards to what I think others might need or want. You have all the power to make your world into the world that you wish to live in and it starts from inside. I hope this gives you something to think about and focus on when you may find yourself shaken or unsure of the path forward within your everyday life. Until next time,

Take care,