welcome to my blog


April 30, 2020

Hi friends! Welcome to my small corner of the internet! I’m writing today to give you a sort of overview of what I plan to focus on through this blog and what my intentions are. I am really passionate about sustainable and mindful living through everyday actions and the products we consume. So looking at that, I am excited to share lots about how I aim to live a more mindful lifestyle through my every day habits as well as the mindset and objects that I choose to surround myself with. I guess taking the concept from Marie Kondo, it’s really about narrowing your focus and your energy to the things that bring you and the world around you joy and happiness. For me that means looking more deeply at what you are buying every single day, such as coffee or take out. This also means taking those extra few minutes, no matter how tired you are to keep your space tidy, take care of a plant or another living being, or consciously choosing to consume the media of a thoughtful book or music rather than jumping straight to social media. Really taking time each day to surround yourself with what makes you truly happy in your soul is what makes up a happier life.

As I feel like I say a lot (it’s probably getting annoying to my boyfriend who I say this to really often these days), we have to be glad that we are here to experience things, no matter what situation we are in. It’s the experience of being human and of existing in this imperfect world that makes it so enjoyable, since if there were never any obstacles, we would never get to learn, and we would take much more for granted. By choosing instead to notice every moment as a gift, we never have to worry about it as being good or bad but rather as being part of the journey. Reminding yourself that in every moment, you are exactly where you are meant to be and to notice that moment for its beauty rather than imagining how it could possibly be different. This I guess is my thought process behind writing this blog, as this seems like a really big concept when I first explain it, yet it’s put into action through really small parts of your day. If even two people were to take these small moments and see them for the beauty that lies within because of this, then I will be so thankful.

So long story short, I hope to share with you small actions or thoughts that will give insight into a different way of experiencing these small moments. Whether it’s noticing the color of the sky, taking time to understand the plant life around you or taking the time to nourish your body well, it’s the small things that add up to the big results. I will share updates on my bullet journal and my process for personal organization through a busy schedule, thoughts and tips on low waste and sustainable living, maybe some of my own practices with meditation or yoga, the doors are completely open and I am just excited to get started. So I hope you join me on my journey through this little blog and I will see you in the next post! (I’m hopefully planning to post here once a week and I will share on my instagram platform when I do so you can keep up). Thanks friends, take care till next time.