thoughts from quarantine

bathroom still life from april 22, 2020bathroom still life from april 22, 2020

May 08, 2020

From one of the strangest and most unexpected times of our lives, we are seeing both miracles and tragedies daily. The past few months have been extremely challenging for most of us as we face new and drastic changes to the way we live our day to day lives. It’s hard to talk about a global pandemic from a positive point of view. So I’m just lending you my thoughts from my own small corner of the world, where I have been inside for almost two months now, learning to live in order to keep myself and others safe. It’s interesting the things I’ve started to notice that I never had before I spent this much time in my own home. I notice the moment a leaf starts to droop on a plant, the different types of bird calls from outside and the time of day based on where the sun is shining into my room. I realized it is the first time I’ve ever been able to really watch spring happen, as every year before this, I was busy finishing a year of school or working. These small moments that I am noticing are things that have always happened around me, just without my attention being focused on them. For me, this slowing down and focusing of my attention has been the best way for me to stop worrying about all the things that are strange right now.

In the human world, everything has been turned upside down, yet when you look at the birds migrating back, or the bugs floating around in the spring breeze, nature is still living at its best, as we will continue to do afterwards. Like flowers, we will grow back after this long winter into a season that is even more beautiful. Let’s keep fighting together. Take care and stay safe.

Till next time,