what I’ve been reading | may 2020

May 12, 2020

Although I’ve never been a person that reads very consistently, the slowing down due to quarantine has allowed me the space I needed to really sit down with the books that have been occupying my shelf space for the last few months. I found so many interesting thoughts and ideas in these works that have really gotten me through these weird times. So I thought I would share some of the things I have been reading recently and my thoughts on them. They are all non-fiction and mostly informative books. Leave me a comment letting me know what you’ve been reading.

HannaDotzenroth_howtodonothing.jpghow to do nothing by Jenny Odell

As an artist and designer living in San Fransisco, Jenny Odell’s perspective on the focusing of our attention is really intriguing to me. Throughout the book, she explains the importance of a redirection of our attention from media towards the natural world and how this simple shift can have an amazing impact on how we live our lives as a society. Although it’s pretty academic in tone, it was really amazing and explained many ideas that I had only briefly thought about in my work!

HannaDotzenroth_thesecretlivesofcolour.jpgThe Secret lives of colour by Kassia St Clair

For anyone interested in the history of pigments and their meanings, this was really interesting! Learning the different association of colours and where they came from within history as well as how certain pigments are made and how they’ve changed over time kept me really intrigued the whole way. She doesn’t explain every single pigment, but more so focuses on colours with interesting stories making it really exciting the whole way through.

HannaDotzenroth_theonlytarotbook.jpgThe only tarot book you’ll ever need

by Skye Alexander

This is an older book that I actually stole from my mum. Through quarantine, I’ve taken the time to dive into the world of tarot cards as I’ve been interested in them for a long time. This book was super helpful to understand the deck itself, the different suits, and how the deck can be used within spreads. With explanations of each card as well as layouts for beginner spreads, this really is the only tarot book you’ll ever need.

HannaDotzenroth_artinc.jpgArt inc. by Lisa Congdon

Although I actually started this book back in September (yikes yeah it takes me that long to read), I finally had time to finish it. This is a holy grail book for anyone interested in selling art. She explains everything from how to start a website (oh hey) to how to work with galleries and copyright. Overall, just a super important guide that every artist should have in their collection.

I would love to hear any suggestions that you have for books in the comments, fiction or non-fiction. Let’s help each other out since I know I’m starting to run out of stuff to read as we continue to stay inside for the time being. Keep staying safe!

Take care till next time,