my 10 favourite essential oils and their uses

June 15, 2020

Since discovering essential oils a couple years ago, they have gradually come to be a part of my entire home routine, from cleaning to self care. By learning the medicinal properties of each oil, it allows you to integrate them within your routine in different places where those properties are needed. In this way, you can begin making your own mixes to create products that suite your needs. This also lets you cut down on synthetic products within your routines since you’re using natural medicinal properties from the oils. It seems like a huge world to start with, so here are my favourite essential oils and how I use them within my everyday routine.


PeppermintHannadotzenroth_peppermint.jpgProbably the most versatile essential oil ever, peppermint is found within so many things because of it’s anti-inflammatory and cooling properties. Because of this, using it on any spots of pain is my favourite method of use. Whether its a stomach ache, muscle pain or headache, adding a drop of peppermint to the area on top of a lotion or carrier oil helps with blood circulation in order to ease pain and digestion. I also begin using peppermint more often as the seasons get warmer. In a spray bottle of water, adding a couple drops of peppermint creates a cooling spray for when you start to overheat in the sun. Just don’t spray it on your face or near your eyes (mistakes have been made, it really hurts).


Although not everyone loves the sent of lavender, it’s benefits are countless. Most often, it’s used as a sleep or stress aid because of it’s relaxing properties. It helps soothe the mind and body in order to relieve the effects of stress. It can be used in the same way as peppermint to help with inflammation and pain as well. My favourite way to use it is before bed as a mist across my pillows and blankets. It creates that transition from the day into a peaceful environment for sleep. Around this time of year, I’ve also been using it on mosquito bites to help with inflammation and itchiness.


With it’s invigorating properties, eucalyptus works wonders for your respiratory system or to give you a burst of energy. More recently, I have been dropping about 4-6 drops in my warm shower to help wake me up in the morning. It’s such a calming and familiar sent to me and it just feels like a breath of fresh air. For this reason, I often diffuse eucalyptus when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed. For congestion, place 10 drops in a bowel of hot water and place your face in the steam to help open up the sinuses.


I was introduced to cedarwood through a blend called mountain high and it wasn’t until months after I started using it that I discovered that it was cedarwood that I loved so much within it. Just like eucalyptus, it’s great for soothing the respiratory system and helping with congestion. For this reason, I almost exclusively use it within my essential oil diffuser by itself or with a couple drops of eucalyptus, lemon or peppermint.


Although frankincense has so many amazing benefits, I only recently started using it. Like lavender, it’s used to help relieve symptoms of stress and nervousness. In this way, it can be used in an essential oil diffuser in a blend with lavender. Lately, I’ve been adding it into my skin care routine to help ease any dry skin. I place two drops of the essential oil into my facial oil or jojoba oil and pat it into any dry areas on my face or body, including any eczema patches.


clary sage

For me, clary sage has been the oil that helps soothe any hormonal imbalances or stress that comes up around that time of the month. Applying small amounts to wrists or neck and inhaling helps soothe mood swings and anxieties that come with hormone changes. I also enjoy using it with a mix of lavender and orange in my diffuser for a calming sent in the evening or when doing yoga.


For any one with a sensitive stomach or who often suffers with indigestion, fennel essential oil is a game changer. It took me a while to get used to because of the strong liquorice smell, but it works wonders when applied to the stomach to help soothe any discomfort such as nausea, indigestion or bloating. Fennel has been used historically throughout many cultures in teas or within cooking to help ease digestive issues.


With general antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, lemon works well to disinfect and clean any surface or area. For this reason, I often use lemon essential oil within cleaning sprays or as a cleaner in itself for my diffusers. With just a couple drops, it helps break down the build up of other oils. I’ve also used it to help remove really stubborn stickers that leave tackiness behind. Because of it’s light colour, it also makes a great essential oil to add onto wool dryer balls to keep your clothing fresh.


Just like lavender, orange can be used as a general purpose aid with stress and to help with restless sleeping. Although it’s a citrus oil, it has properties that help calm nervousness and anxiety. My preferred use of this oil is in the diffuser or in an inhaler to ease stress. When applied to skin it can cause photosensitivity so I recommend being careful about going out in the sun if you choose to apply it topically (the same goes for any citrus oil).

tea tree

Finally, tea tree is amazing as a general antiseptic and antimicrobial essential oil. I will often add it to my wool dryer balls as a way to keep my clothing fresh and free of any smelly bacteria. I also use it often on blemishes to help keep the area bacteria free to prevent the growth of the pimple. It can be used either on a cotton swab and applied to individual pimples or a drop or two can be placed within a moisturizer to cover larger problem areas. When making soaps or cleaners, tea tree is generally a great choice to add in to help kill bacteria along with lemon.

For some further reading on the benefits and uses of essential oils:

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Take care till next time,