Garden Bed Blanket, 2022, burlap and coloured cotton string, 50x54x0.5”

burlap and coloured cotton string, 50 x 54 x 0.5"

Grown from the soil of the seed bracelets, the garden bed blanket is map of the collective garden that is planted through the bracelet project. Each cross stitch on the tapestry represents one seed bead with the colour of the thread corresponding to the vegetable. The threads of this blanket weave together the lives of the vegetable seeds, the bracelet wearers, and myself as the artist as we exist in this cycle of seasons.

Sowing the garden bed blanket, 2022

Taking time, stitch by stitch, like tending the delicate seeds of the garden. A process video of the making of the garden bed blanket. Hours of work spent cross stitching each seed into the tapestry. This like the seed bracelets, will continue to grow each season.